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Thank You for your interest in MAG-ic Probe.

I am an amateur luthier residing in Dallas,  Texas. I am passionate about the guitar and specifically Flamenco Guitar. I started learning about 2 years ago and of course now wish I had started when I was 5 years old. Perseverance and a lot of patience from my teacher Miguel Antonio keeps me playing.

Last year (2011) I decided to try and build my own Flamenco Guitar. I bought my own exotic woods and created my own inlaid headstock and rosette. It was arduous task but the end result was well worth it and I would recommend anyone to try it.

If nothing else you will gain a real respect for the work done by professional Luthiers.

I am blessed to be in the company of a great bunch of guys both professional and amateur who are members of our local Lutherie organization

Below are some pictures of my first build, a Negra Flamenco with Cocobolo back and sides, Cedar top and a lot of moorish custom work. Also a video of my very talented teacher and friend Miguel Antonio playing it on the first day it recieved strings.

I developed MAG-ic Probe realizing that it was essential to measure certain areas accurately and after some prompting form another friend Tom Streety, it is finally a reality. MAG-ic probe is intended to complement the skill and craftsmanship of Luthiers allowing them to document and refine their designs without the need for guesswork or elaborate measuring contraptions.