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  • How Long will the battery last? - This all depends on your usage and measuring time. On average the battery will last 8 - 10 hours. The display on the device is quite power hungry and 9v PP3 batteries do not have a lot of power. We recommend that you purchase the Battery Saver Kit and use that to power the MAG-ic Probe while you are in your shop and save the battery for when you need to be more mobile.
  • Does the device display in millimeters and inches? - YES. The MAG-ic Probe features 2 lines of display. milimeters (mm) are displayed for example 1.45mm and inches are displayed in mils (1/1000th inch). Some users seem to be confused by mils but digital calipers usually display inches for example as 0.315 inch (315mil). This is only to accomodate the large range they have to display for example 4.567 inch. Since the MAG-ic Probe is limited to less than 1 inch, it is convenient to display inches as mils. Therefore 0.25 inch = 250mil = 1/4 inch.