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MAG-ic Probe Software

The unique MAG-ic Probe custom software allows you to automatically transfer actual measurements of your instrument or other object to a picture or drawing on your computer....even if you don't own a MAG-ic Probe device!

the MAG-ic Probe Software comes in 2 flavors, one is FREE and unfortunately the other is not free.

  • MAG-ic Probe Lite

    - This is the FREE version. Connect your MAG-ic Probe to your computer....Upload a picture of the instrument or object you are measuring and record the measurements directly onto the picture. This picture can be stored, printed, used for comparison etc.
  • MAG-ic Probe PRO

    - This paid version does everything the Lite version does but MORE! Once you have completed your measurements you can use the PRO Version to plot your measurments into a full color contour map of your instrument. Choose your own colors and contour gradients to produce a instant visualization of your instrument contours. The is very useful when progressively thicknessing or carving an instrument or cataloging rare instruments etc. Side by side comparisons with color contour maps is so much easier than comparing numbers.

 MAG-ic Probe Software is available for both Windows and MAC.

For details see the individual software items at the bottom of this page, but before you do, take some time to watch some of the video tutorials and see how useful MAG-ic Probe can be for you.

The PRO version will allow you to visualize your measurments in a full color contour map. Remove the guesswork....start visualizing today!

See the video tutorials below.


MAG-ic Probe PRO Introduction Overview


Tutorial #1 - Magic Probe - Connecting your device to the computer.


Tutorial #2 - MAG-ic Probe - Overview of the user interface


Tutorial #3 - MAG-ic Probe - Entering Measurements


Tutorial #4 - MAG-ic Probe PRO - Color Contouring